Resilient Coyotes now face elimination

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The Phoenix Coyotes have faced adversity many times. Not just this season, but for the last three seasons that Dave Tippett has been the head coach.

The resiliency has lead them to success that this franchise had never known.

But now, during a special record setting season, the Coyotes face elimination and will need to dig down and find that never say die grit that they have prided themselves on.

“We’re looking for one game, one solid outing from everybody in our locker room,” said Coyotes goalie Mike Smith. “That’s all we can control. Everyone give what they have, nothing to save it for now, put your body on the line and try and get one win.”

In the grand scheme of things, not many have came back from being down 3-0 in a best of seven series. Three to be exact have done it. But it has happened before and the Coyotes proved during the regular season that they can compete with the LA Kings. They just need to remember know what it takes.

“We have to be at our absolute best to beat this team,” explained Coyotes forward Ray Whitney. “They are playing well and having their way with us but as a group there is only one way to go and that’s to continue to fight as hard as you can until the end and we plan on doing that tomorrow night.”

Shane Doan has been on every Phoenix Coyotes since they became the Phoenix Coyotes 15 seasons ago and has been apart of all very different rosters, some good and some bad. But Doan thinks their is something special with this particular team.

“I really do have confidence in this group,” said Doan. “No matter what you feel this group is capable of doing something special and I think we can.”

Coyotes look to put together one perfect effort together to keep their season alive and move the western conference finals back to Phoenix on Sunday. Face off is on Sunday at noon from Staples Center.

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