What They’re Saying: AZ HS Football Coaches Talk T-Cup

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In a time of year were anyone who’s anyone believes they are an expert on how the Territorial Cup will go, we decided to take on a different persecutive. We spoke to guys who follow both programs differently but possibly as intently as anyone, high school coaches from around the state who have both schools arrive on their campuses to recruit, attend seminars put on by members of both University’s for high school coaches and live in communities who are fully intrenched in this rivalry.

The following are what Arizona high school football coaches are saying about the 2014 edition of the Territorial Cup:

“I am not going to make a prediction because both of those schools recruit Hamilton, but I have always lived in the Phoenix-area and being a Phoenix guy, I’ve always been a little partial to ASU so I will probably be cheering for ASU to win the game. Charlie Ragle is one of my closest friends down at U of A so I always wish him the best. It will be a great game, you never know who’s going to win it. It’s usually a dog fight and it’s hard to predict who will win this one either.” Steve Belles, Hamilton Head Coach

“My prediction? That’s a silly question. It’s ASU. ASU might have the back-ups in by the second quarter. But actually, Coach Rodriguez and that staff do a really good job. They come and recruit the area and stuff. I am always going to be a Devil and a Devil at heart but I have to say that it’s not a U of A hatred for me.” Steve Campbell, Williams Field Head Coach and Former ASU Quarterback

“I think it is going to be a good game. I think it is going to come down to the wire. Being in Tucson probably gives the Wildcats a little bit of a heads up but I am a Sun Devil alumni, my Dad coached there, my Mom was a cheerleader there so I am going to say ASU in a close game.” Jason Mohns, Saguaro Head Coach

“That’s tough because I know the ASU staff really well and the U of A staff really will so my prediction for the both of them is that they finish in a 25-25 tie.” Shaun Aguano, Chandler Head Coach

“I have some players who are die-hard Wildcat fans and some who are die-hard Sun Devil fans and I don’t want them fighting over the Territorial Cup so good luck to both teams.” Thomas Brittain, Tempe Prep Head Coach

“Both coaches are great guys, both teams are really good and I predict it’s going to be an outstanding game.” Richard Taylor, Centennial Head Coach


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