Seahawks QB Wilson looking forward to taking on Cardinals

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Russell Wilson had a spectacular senior season at Wisconsin, and rolled that into a very solid beginning to his NFL career, being named the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson and his team will start their 2012 season in the same venue they closed their 2011 season: University of Phoenix Stadium, as they take on the Cardinals on Sunday afternoon.

Wilson says, along with being one of five rookie quarterbacks to start for their respective teams in Week One, he feels no added pressure playing his first NFL game on the road.

“I don’t look at it like that at all,” Wilson said.  “100 yards is 100 yards, you have to be ready to play no matter where it is or who it is.”

Wilson is well aware of what it takes to be a great quarterback in the NFL.

“Just getting out there and playing great football, and being smart with the football and getting the football in the end zone when you can.”

Pretty simple formula for success…

Wilson and his teammates have seen their fair share of tape on the Cardinals this week. He knows cracking their defense will be a tall order.

“Oh man, they fly around,” Wilson said. “They have some elite players on the defensive side of the ball, from the defensive line to the linebackers and the DB’s obviously.”

Wilson noted how defensive coordinator Ray Horton likes to switch things up and move players around to confuse their opposition.

Wilson knows Horton will use any legal tactic to gain an advantage over the team trying to beat him and his guys.

In order to beat the Cardinals, Wilson knows there’s certain things he’ll have to do to make that happen.

“You have to be smart and trust what you see and play great football.”

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