Social Media Buzzing Over JJ Watt

Arizona Sports News online

A very reliable source broke the internet this morning while officially breaking hearts in Houston, Texas. That’s right, JJ Watt is an Arizona Cardinal. The initial source? JJ Watt. 

First, it was DeAndre Hopkins and now the Cardinals have JJ Watt. Fans in Houston may be feeling a little defeated and might be riding the bandwagon all the way to Glendale, Arizona.

For those that saw the Peloton drama surrounding Watt, apparently, quarantine wasn’t enough to make him buy one.

Don’t count out the Cardinals players themselves, they dove right into the Twitter action.

Monday morning usually comes with an extra cup of coffee. Today, it comes with an extra shot of espresso. Hang in there!

Guess what JJ? Your commute will still be on the I-10 just like it was in Houston. Hopefully you find the traffic to be more to your liking. 

Yes. Yes, it did blow our minds. 

The Cardinals are looking pretty stacked heading into this 2021 season. It may be hard to believe, but yes, that all just happened. 






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