Superman Dominates en Route to Wild West Championship

Sunday night’s $25,000 to win Wild West Shootout championship at Arizona Speedway saw only one car lead the 50 lap feature event. “Superman” Jonathan Davenport picked up his third victory of the six-night event in San Tan Valley while picking up $38,000 in bonuses, including a prize for the mini-series points championship for the late model division.

Davenport started the race in second but quickly made his way around pole-sitter, Brian Shirley, and never relinquished the top spot. Even a slew of late cautions didn’t allow the field to make a move on Davenport as the Blairsville, Georgia native claimed his second Wild West Shootout points championship.

“I just finally decided to show exactly what we had,” Davenport told Sports360AZ post-race. “I knew I had to pace myself at the begin to save my tires then once I knew we got to halfway, I could really turn it on.

“We kept making little adjustments on it just trying new stuff, and the car really seemed to respond to everything.”

Tyler Erb made his way from the 11th starting position to come up one spot shy of this third victory of the event, while Chandler native, Ricky Thornton Jr. closed out the podium. The Chris Kearns Presents crew will once again take over Arizona Speedway with Friday through Sunday for the inaugural Wild Wing Shootout.


Night 6 Finishing Results: (50 Laps)

1. Jonathan Davenport; 2. Tyler Erb; 3. Ricky Thornton Jr; 4. Brian Shirley; 5. Bobby Pierce; 6. Billy Moyer Sr; 7. Rusty Schlenk; 8. Johnny Scott; 9. Dustin Sorensen; 10. Jason Papich; 11. Chris Simpson; 12. Mitch McGrath; 13. Donny Schatz; 14. Tony Toste; 15. Garrett Alberson; 16. Jimmy Mars; 17. Mike Marlar ;18. Jared Landers; 19. Rodney Sanders; 20. Trevor Gundaker; 21. Chad Simpson; 22. Scott Ward; 23. Chase Allen; 24. Jason Feger

2021 Wild West Shootout Points: (6 Races)

1. Jonathan Davenport; 2. Tyler Erb (-30); 3. Ricky Thornton Jr (-75); 4. Brian Shirley (-120); 5. Jason Papich (-120); 6. Mike Marlar (-174); 7. Garrett Alberson (-189); 8. Billy Moyer Sr (-202); 9. Johnny Scott (-204); 10. Bobby Pierce (-222)

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