Conversation of Mental Health In Pro Sports Continues

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Mental health stories involving professional sports franchises are becoming more commonplace. 

Over the weekend, Indiana Pacers assistant coach Bill Bayno resigned from his position, citing mental health as the main reason. Bayno lost his mother to cancer last April. His father died in 2019. Reports indicate that he also lost close friends during the pandemic. 

This past week, Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner spoke openly about her need for counseling and needing a “mental break” last season while the Mercury played in the bubble.

“Giving a little girl or boy or anybody someone to see vocally speaking on using the resources, seeking out counseling and talking to someone else,” she said from the USA Basketball Training Camp in South Carolina. “We don’t talk about things. We don’t talk about our feelings. Put it in a box and forget about it. It’s something that’s hurt us as a society.”




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