‘The Semester Review’ represents Basha at Battle of the Bands

By Athena Anima / Basha High School

Saturday at 1 p.m. a student pop/punk band is set to represent Basha High School at Marcos De Niza High School for Battle of the Bands.

‘The Semester Review’, composed of Basha seniors Cole Stevens and Josh Capati, and Hamilton senior Gabe Hernandez and junior Austin Cooper, are the only band out of the Chandler School District to head to Tempe tomorrow afternoon. They played for the juniors and seniors at Basha on Tuesday.

“The way we got the opportunity to represent Basha was through competition,” said Capati, who is lead singer for the band. “Four bands from Basha signed up, including us, to do the Battle of the Bands and we won. We played in front of a panel of teachers and the assistant principal. The other bands were really good too, but thankfully, we were the ones that were picked.”

They are competing with other bands around the state in hopes of getting Basha and their own name out there.

“We are competing against four or five different schools,” said Capati. “All I know is that we are going against a band from Campo Verde in Gilbert, Marcos de Niza in Tempe and Skyline in Mesa. It’s all going down at Marcos De Niza; the whole competition will be there. I’m super excited for it.”

If the band wins, not only do they get credibility for themselves and for Basha, they also win what would be a dream for any student band.

“We get to chase our dream and have the chance to go on tour,” said Capati. “Not only that, we also get to do a professional recording and shoot music videos if we win. It would be a great opportunity for us.”

The boys would harbor no hard feelings though, if fate decides they should not win.

“The true gift to us throughout this whole experience would be playing for the kids at our school,” said Capati. “The band has always wanted to do that, especially me. It really meant a lot being able to perform in front of most of the junior and senior class. That was definitely something we appreciated doing for our school, and the exposure helped us a lot. If we don’t win, it’s okay. Being able to share our passion for our music was prize enough for us.”

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