Three Dot Thoughts – Casey Jacobsen On Chris Paul Being A “Bumpy Ride”

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Not everyone is a fan of the Chris Paul trade. Casey Jacobsen, the former Sun, was with me last week with this interesting take on the Paul deal.

“I want to be honest and transparent, there is a risk factor here. Chris Paul is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. However, there is another side to this coin that you have to talk about,” Jacobsen said. “He can be a difficult personality for an organization and for young players. He’s a grating personality, he yells, barks at guys constantly and there’s a laundry list of his former teammates, if you want to go to Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan, Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis, even Ryan Hollins, a friend of mine who have come out and said, ‘Chris is difficult to play with and can rub people the wrong way.'”

Jacobson finished with, “He (Chris Paul) can be a bit of a bumpy ride.” Hear the full interview here:

10 million people watched the Pittsburgh Steelers-Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday afternoon. 10 million! We’ve seen NFL games played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the first time. The college game has been nimble too.

BYU schedules Coastal Carolina on two days’ notice. Once Utah found out it couldn’t play Arizona State last week, the Utes turned around and showed up at Washington with just a few days to prepare.

The high school football season was filled with teams looking for opponents on just 24 hours notice (Casteel vs Saguaro). I bring this up because the days of putting out schedules for games in 2033 needs to stop. It’s not hard for schools, colleges, or the pros to put together the best games for the players and fans alike…

Former Diamondback Archie Bradley hits the free agent market this week. How would he look in Dodger Blue? DJ LeMahieu in LA?

Both names have been swirling around the 2020 World Series champs. In the meantime, the Diamondbacks are going to have to do more than just a little to get the fan base energized. Not much, if any buzz in the air about the hometown nine…

The Pac-12 football recruiters completely whiffed on Brock Purdy and they will regret not signing Jacob Cisneros at Boulder Creek.  Stars mean zilch. Don’t buy into the hype…

I approve of Iowa State in this year’s Fiesta Bowl…

Friday night, I saw a high school kicker miss a game-tying field goal with five seconds left in his state semi-final playoff game.

I felt awful for this player knowing that this could be something that he takes with him for a long time.

If you were to think back to high school playing days, do you have a moment that still sticks with you? Good or bad. Doesn’t matter what sport. 

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