Ware A Jack Of All Trades For Jaguars

In high school football, there are plenty of guys who play on both sides of the ball. But South Mountain’s Antwaun Ware takes it to the next level. He plays quarterback, slot back, running back, kick and punt return. He has also found himself in the defensive secondary and as a punter as well.

Ware, a senior, has been on varsity since he was a freshman, and has seen his role grow as he has become a leader of the team.

“Since I’ve been here my freshman year, I’ve been on varsity. Coach likes me, I’m a player to look up to, always coming to practice,” Ware said. “I’m one of the best players so coaches look at me as a leader.”

South Mountain is in a transition period with a lot of youth on their varsity team. According to head coach Daryl Phillips, having a player like Ware is crucial and creates opportunities for other young players.

“With the team that we have now being so young, it allows us to move him around and match up with different teams. It allows us to put our phenomenal athlete on (the opponent’s) phenomenal athlete and get some good matchups,” Phillips said. “He allows us a lot of versatility and he allows a lot of kids to play by being able to play in different places.”

Some would think trying to balance so many positions would be tough, but Ware has no issue keeping his assignments straight for all of the positions he plays.

“I just work at it and do what I have to do. When Coach says ‘go in’, I go in. I know all the positions and all the plays, so that’s what I do,” Ware said.

And the Jaguars staff will use Ware’s knowledge and versatility as much as they can because not every team has a player with that skillset.

“He brings consistency and playmaking ability,” Phillips said. “Those two things are things you can’t measure. You can’t measure the things that he brings.”

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