Wheels are turning for Cardinals, this weeks top 5.

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Adversity and injuries are part of any NFL season. If you’re a Arizona Cardinal fan you should be happy you played the New York Giants in week two of the season. The Giants will probably be in a first place tie after they win this weekend over the Eagles and the Cowboys lose at Seattle. For your hometown heroes, losing players like Carson Palmer and Calais Campbell now, rather than late in the season gives them time to heal up. The fact that the Cardinals got off to a quick start within the division gives them a bit of a cushion. The next NFC West matchup isn’t until November 9th when the Rams come to Glendale. Having the Redskins and Raiders the next two weeks should be W’s even with all the injuries…

MMQBs Peter King joins me every Tuesday at 10:20a. He had some good takes today on story lines around this Sundays game with Washington and the possibility of Logan Thomas getting playing time if Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton aren’t ready to go. Check out todays podcast for more with Peter…

On Thomas having 50 year coach Tom Moore there to guide him. “One of the reasons why Peyton Manning really, really liked Tom as his coach for so long, he’s totally unflappable. Tom Moore would convince the quarterback by Tuesday night when the game plan was done and he(Moore) would call the player on the phone and say. “We have some really good plays for you, we are going to make some big plays in this game, here’s what we can see”. Sounds good…

My Top Five

San Diego-amazing they will be starting their fourth center of the season and third running back Sunday against the Raiders.

Seattle-lost to the Chargers. Will beat Dallas this Sunday

Denver-but, their running game isn’t much to write home about

San Francisco-win one for Harbaugh in his final season

New England-Thought about the Giants and Cowboys here.

Programming note-Thursday I will be doing the show from the Arizona Wildcat football offices. Ironically, former Sun Devil Jake Plummer will have his weekly segment with me at 10:20am.
USC is favored by three-and-a-half for Saturday nights showdown in Tucson…

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