Who’s Number One in the NFL Draft? Greg Robinson’s agent rips Jadeveon Clowney

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Scottsdale based NFL agent Eric Metz may be representing the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. His client, Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson, is in the mix of players being discussed as the first player taken on May 8th. Metz sat across from me in studio this past week and didn’t hold back on why his client should be taken first overall by the Houston Texans. “Greg Robinson is one of the most talented players I’ve ever been around, but more importantly his coaches speak very highly of him which is not the case with Jadeveon Clowney and he’s never been known as a guy that’s a non-worker, who takes plays off. The biggest concern about Clowney is the old coach killer thing”.
But the 30-year NFL agent was just getting warmed up. “this guy (Clowney) only had three sacks in an entire college season, that’s something very troubling for a man of his talent”.
Robinson is being flown in by the Houston front office this coming week, “they aren’t flying him in just to go through the exercise, they are very impressed with him”.

Metz used the 1996 draft as an example of what a offensive tackle can do for a team. “Keyshawn Johnson went number one, Kevin Hardy(Metz client) went number two to Jacksonvile, Simeon Rice went to the Cardinals at three, none of them went to the Hall of Fame. Baltimore took Jonathen Ogden and they played him at guard for a year before they kicked him outside and he went on to become a Hall of Fame tackle”.
Robinsons agent has talked with Texans GM Rick Smith and head coach Bill O’Brien throughout the offseason, whether in person at the Combine or by phone. “We will talk with them all the way up to when we are sitting in the green room at the draft in New York”.
Metz has already had the honor of representing the top pick in the draft, though it didn’t’ work out in the long run. The Oakland Raiders selected his client, JaMarcus Russell, number one overall in 2007.

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